How to create your URG portfolio

1. Create your professional portfolio's site:

aaaaaGo to Google Sites. Sign in or create an account. Decide on a name for your portfolio.
aaaaaPlease discuss your choice with your instructor before proceeding to the next step.

aaaaaClick on the CREATE button, name your portfolio, and select the Blank template for your portfolio.
aaaaaSelecting the Blank template now is a good idea.You can always choose a more pleasing template later.

aaaaaTo give yourself an idea of what the basic portfolio will look like, you may wish to view this Sample Portfolio

2. Create the required pages


Create the following 12 new pages. Place them at the top level. Remember to press SAVE two times after creating each page.
NOTE: As you create them, your pages will appear in the sidebar in alphabetical order; not in the order you created them. Don't worry. Once you have finished creating them, ask your professor how to reorder them.

aaaaa OSTP Standard 1: Students
aaaaa OSTP Standard 2: Content
aaaaa OSTP Standard 3: Assessment
aaaaa OSTP Standard 4: Instruction
aaaaa OSTP Standard 5: Learning Environment
aaaaa OSTP Standard 6: Collaboration & Communication
aaaaa OSTP Standard 7: Professional Responsibility & Growth
aaaaa SPA #1
aaaaa SPA #2
aaaaa SPA #3
aaaaa Official Documents


3. Add the initial required content to your pages

aaaaaThe Standards for Ohio Educators page in this wiki has all of the information about the Standards you will need.
aaaaaCopy and paste the information for each standard onto its corresponding OSTP Standards page.

FirstF First copy the information related to Standard 1from our wiki's Standards for Ohio Educators page.

aaaaaGo to your OSTP Standard 1: Students page and click on the Edit icon in the upper right corner of your page.

aaaaaPaste the information you copied from our wiki onto this page..

aaaaaRepeat this process for each of the seven standards.