Create a webpage using Google Sites that will allow you to share with parents how you will use technology in your classroom. It will give them the opportunity to see how your use of that technology to enhance their child's learning.

As your create your webpage think about the concerns of parents may have, e.g., parents who may believe that no learning is taking place when a student uses technologies like calculators, computers, or Video Games. In order to obtain full credit on this assignment be sure to also provide support for your statements by including references to reliable Internet resources, academic research, and professional organizations.

You will present your webpage to the class at our final exam.
Download this rubric and use it as a guide as you prepare your webpapge. It is the rubric that will be used to assess your work on this webpage.

Monday's Section 1

Student's Name
Webpage URL
Olivia Slone
Rebecca Houck
Alexis Wothe
Tyler Warnimont
Kara Gillenwater
Keith Beatty
Chance Burleson
Daniel Wilks
Gwen Campbell
Sally Boblitt
David Walker
Autumn Porter
JC Kinnaird

Austin Neekamp

Tuesday's Section 2

Student's Name
Webpage URL
Morgen Grunkemeyer
Cody Harvey
Nick Metzler
Kara Mathews
Lori Reynolds
Zachary Russell
Avery Bailes